Ken Cato

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An Australian designer with an international reputation, Dr Ken Cato (AO) is one of the most prominent and accomplished Australian graphic designers and his influence is everywhere.    His prolific work encompasses all facets of brand management and design and he has designed thousands of corporate identities.

Cato’s design philosophy is rooted in the concepts of functional design and minimalism.   His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic, providing the synergistic solutions that produce positive results.

He relishes connections.   The giant figures he designed for Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre speak to the building’s architecture and the sports it hosts.   The yellow-and-black Commonwealth Bank symbol references the Southern Cross.   The pointed ellipses of the SBS trademark are a literal translation of opening up the globe.   Cato Purnell’s themed redesign of Qantas aircraft interiors echoed elements of the landscape over which the jets fly.

When people ask Ken ‘Do you use computers for design’?, he says, ‘No, I use my brain, it’s much faster’.   ‘Most designers are guilty of looking for solutions inside the computer box but I think the idea is absolutely king,’ he says.  ‘I feed my brain and take inspiration from films, books, poetry, music, whatever …   When I tackle projects, the battle is not the creative thing; the battle is to keep the mind open until you fully understand the exercise.  

A lot of designers hear the brief and make very quick assumptions.   I think the longer you can hold that open, the more chance outside influences and experiences will come into play.’



geographik is an environmentally responsible graphic design studio in perth. that create digital and print visuals, graphics and designs. to be sustainable they start with simple solutions to make any difference they can, through difference methods such as sustainable use of paper, vegetable based inks in their stationary, brouchures, annual reports and self promotional materials, or by making packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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Fred Tomaselli

fred tomaselli born in Santa Monica in 1956, is a contemporary American artist, best known for his collage pieces using unusual tools and materials to make abstract environments. he uses resin-coated paintings on wood panel with layers photo cuts put into spiral shapes, often beside drugs and such.  the end results being hectic imagery influenced by freds own existence such as events like the AIDS crisis. he is very well known, and his works have been shown in the 2004 Whitney Biennial and exhibitions at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, and White Cube in London. He now lives in new york.

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Francis Lymburner

Francis Lymburn born in brisbane in 1916 and died in 1972 was an artist born in Queensland. he was educated at Brisbane Grammar School and at Brisbane Technical College where he learnt art through F. martyn Roberts. he moved to Sydney later on in his life and often visited taronga zoo and drew the animals there. his paintings never really sold well, but he was did well in pushing contemporary art in Sydney.

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Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow is the pen name of editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins. His weekly comic strip This Moddern World, which comments on current events, appears regularly in over 80 newspapers across the United States and Canada as of 2015. Tom is best knowen for his work on This moddern world which has won over 20 awards in the last 15 yeard includint 2 altweekly awards for best moddern comic strip.

This all almost stopped in 2009 when Village Voice Media publishers of 16 alternative weeklies, suspended all syndicat

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ed cartoons across their entire chain. Perkins lost twelve client papers in cities including Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and Seattle, prompting his friend Eddie Vender to post an open letter on thePearl Jam website in support of the cartoonist. Vedder and Perkins had become friends after meeting at a campaign rally for Ralph Nader in 2000. The collaboration between Pearl Jam and Perkins continued with an invite to submit cover art for the Back Spacer album in 2009.After being selected to provide the cover art for Backspacer, Perkins went on to create a series of Halloween-themed posters for the concerts supporting the album.



Effective Sustainability in graphic design is becoming easier ti achieve with a more and more online world. now days most companies rely heavely on there online presance as different to their real world presance such as bill bords flyers and magazine adverts, altho there is still a time and place for these things the more forward thinking companies have inveted a lot to move away from these more traditional methods. This forward thinking has allowed graphic designers to become more environmentaly minded with out having to change the way they do things but there are still ways to improve. for example,

when printing enure you use recycled paper that has been made without any chemicales such as clorine and acid. these chemicals can leach into the paper and then be released into the environment when the paper gets wet or while it is breaking down in land fill.

Use thinner paper. By using thinner paper you will reduce the ammount of waste produced by your company there for making it more stainable, it is also a good idea to keep scrap paper for test copies or innitial print outs instead of using fresh paper every time you print.

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis

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Sean ellis was borne in 1970, in London England. He first emerged onto the fashion photography scene in the mid 90’s working along side fashion photographer Nick Knight. He had his first photo published in 99 in an issue of The Face, Numero from this Sean became a regular with the magazine working from the from 99-2002. Seans photography career was put on pause in 2006 with the release of his first film cash back which won many awards including best film at the sun dance film festival. Until 2010 when he made a return to photography and being put in charge of the photography unit of Kenneth cole he continues to work there as well as doing some free lance work with models from all over the world. Seans short career has been full of highlights he has been published in vogue Russia, Numero where he has been on the cover 4 times from 99-2001 as well as the over of GQ magazine.