Amélie Fléchais

Amélie Fléchais is a French children’s book illustrator & visual development artist. She has illustrated designs for her own original books such as Chemin Perdu (Lost path), Le Petit Loup Rouge (Little Red Wolf) & L’homme Montagne (Mountain Man). She has also produced concept & background art for the feature film ‘Song of the Sea’. Recently she has also worked with ‘DreamWorks’ & ‘Hornet’ animation studios with visual development.

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Fléchais is known for her intricate & whimsical inky drawn illustrations. Her original works often include fantasy creatures of her own invention & are often inspired by her travels.

I think Fléchais’ character ‘Mountain Man’ (pictured above) is a successfully designed character. The texture created by watercolours gives the illustration a vintage feel as well as being very appealing to the eye. Her use of simple lineart accentuates the man’s large nose & ears as well as his long hair which adds to his ancient appearance whilst also making him look friendly despite his large frame. Line, colour, repetition & texture is also effectively used to create the mountain range on his back hence ‘mountain’ man. The character is specifically designed to appear large & old just like the mountains he is designed after. I find this character design aspect very interesting as it gives the character a fantasy twist.


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