Andy Ristaino

Andy Ristaino is a well-known American artist for being the former lead character designer, writer, and storyboard artist for the famous TV show ‘Adventure Time’, which is a children’s show that was run on ‘Cartoon Network’. He began working on the series during the second season.

He started off as a character designer even though he wanted to be a storyboard artist, very soon he was promoted to lead character designer. In season five he finally got his dream and was promoted to storyboard artist. Through his work on adventure time he gained an Emmy award for his character designs for the fifth season episode “puppy”.

Andy Ristaino has very simplistic designs even though they are very detailed; because of this they are very appealing to the eye. Such as his character ‘party god’ who is a God that looks like a floating wolfs head, which first appeared in the episode ‘power animal’.

Andy Ristaino creates the illusion of 3D through the use of tone on his character ‘party god’ he also uses lines to further the 3D look. He uses shape to create a rugged surface for the party gods fur, which allows us to further see this character as a wolf. He uses colour and shape to create texture around the mouth and on his eyebrows. Andy Ristaino also uses contrast through the repetition of cloud people which are a light grey and dull to draw attention to party god who has a variation of bright colours, he does the same thing with the lich and Finn and jake where he uses the darkness in the eyes to direct our attention towards the two main characters who are a bright white.

The character ‘party god’ was so successful that it was in four different episodes which is a lot considering most of its characters only appear once on the series, and got an episode based on it alone, it even appeared in the video game “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!!”.

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