Animade is a British design house that creates short animated designs for online promotion purposes. They’ve worked with companies such as IBM, Face Book, Google, Air BNB and American company Mr. Porter.

Their work on the face book online add campaign for the new reactions options is something that specifically stands out to me. The use of pastel colors and simple lines gives a simple elegance that is easy to depict and allows the watcher to see and understand the character allowing them to focus on the message that there trying to convey instead of the character it’s self. The use of block shapes allow for a simple character that is easily recognizable as a dog. The changing of scale allows the animators to show depth and size as well as highlight certain features of the new face book liking system. The lack of patterns and contrast directs the watchers attention to the message that is being conveyed over the character it’s self or the back ground. This use of simple lines and shapes give the add a simple look that is easily understood but that is eye catching enough that it can grab a viewers attention and hold them watching for the 30 seconds.

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1 thought on “Animade”

  1. the use of shape and bold contrasting between colours in the background and character capture your eye with no use of line. but still creates depth with light geometric shapes creating shaddow


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