DXTR The Weird

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DXTR is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Part of the Weird Crew, who pump fresh design-work into the world through all available channels. Featuring characters like simpleton lemon people, sunglass-wearing sneaker dudes and candy-colored astro dudes. The Weird is a crew of artists spread all over Germany and Austria, founded in 2011. The ten members come from a graffiti background and focus on high quality character design in unique recognizable styles.

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What stood out to me was his gnarly characters and his bold and vibrant style, his artworks are very wild in style and in all sorts yet when finished is a very crisp clean design, his use of irregular lines and vibrant splashes of colour help bring attention to detail to each character within the bigger picture. The lines used are big and bold, they compliment the colour (when used) extremely well to help define the features of the character, when colour is used it is extremely effective, he uses different shades of the colours matched with the black bold lines to help make the character stand out from its background and be the centre point of attention, each character having more organic shapes helps characterize each one as individuals. His shapes and lines used have a great variety and rhythm to them, every little detail with the artworks have a great balance and contrast between size, colour and tone.


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