Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup is a California artist whose artworks mainly focus on abstract and figurative paintings but his skills also extend into sculpture, printmaking and music. His complex designs and colours theories pushed forward a decidedly mainstream aesthetic, which seemed to morph and develop through the years. Many of his works are of him using playful and vibrant colours that consist of geometric and organic shapes that help him fall into the pop-design genre which sourced from his fascination with punk rock, pop-culture, video games and experimental music.

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His print of a dragon head (shown above) is successful in it’s way due to how different it is compared to all his other artworks. While his artworks have bright vibrant colours and have geometric shapes within them that make them pop and make them pleasing to the eye, his print of the dragon head has more of a cartoon affect. But with the sharp lines and using cool colours as shading, its the harmonious tone between them that really draws your eye towards it. It almost gives off a Dr Seuss/Tim Burton sort of feel with the way it’s been drawn. This print also helps with the idea that his inspiration for most of his artworks come from pop-culture. Within many of his artworks there’s repetition with the use of the constant geometric shapes. With some of his artworks by using bright colours against a darker background, he makes the image stand out which shows the dominance within.


1 thought on “Tim Biskup”

  1. I really like his vibrant designs & how they are made up of solid colour shapes rather than lines. His use of geometric & organic shapes in his composition is very eye catching & a very unique factor of his works. I really like how in the Darth Vader work he still manages to capture his iconic appearance whilst sticking to his own unique style.


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