Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins was founded in London in 1965 with the hope to help organizations shake off their corporate camouflage and take their place in the world. Since then they have designed logo’s for companies such as virgin active, The London 2012 Olympic Games, The National Lottery and USA Today.

For me there work for alpha bank stands out because of there vision to not only create a logo but to also help them redefine how they work. Wolff Olin’s helped create a new slogan for them known as “The Alpha Bank Experience” there goal was to move away from the cold atmosphere that banks at the time had and give the bank more warmth when visiting. They achieved this with a bold red A, a complete change in color from the previous cold blue their logo was coloured. They also helping them design the inertia of their banks to give it a better feel and more color. This new system allowed alpha bank to receive awards such as Best Brand Of the year in 2003 and best retail bank in 2004.

In 2010 Wolff Olins released the new logo for Abu Dhabi’s largest property developer Aldar. There work with Aldar was to go against the typical property logo’s in Abu Dhabi. The company’s goal was to become more human and to also emphasise thinking about the long term for Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. In 2010 when the new branding launched the company was praised for it’s brave logo and for moving in a direction that property in Abu Dhabi had never seen.

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