Poster Post Info

3Post is due on 8th of March 2017

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Select a designer from the list below discuss their contribution to poster design. As usual post 300 words, 6 selected images and 6 hyperlinks.

  1. Jan Lenica
  2. Martin Sharp
  3. Tim Biskup
  4. Abram Games
  5. René Gruau
  6. David Hockney
  7. Frank Kozik
  8. Shag
  9. Victor Moscoso
  10. Reg Mombassa
  11. Aubrey Beardsley
  12. Roman Cieslewicz
  13. Shigeo Fukuda
  14. Alfons Mucha
  15. Masuteru Aoba
  16. Ikko Tanaka
  17. Rick Griffen
  18. Jamie Reid
  19. Shepard Fairy
  20. Jules Cheret
  21. Toulouse Latrec
  22. John Heartfield
  23. Herbert Matter
  24. Wolfgang Weingart
  25. A M Cassandre
  26. Max Bill
  27. Witkor Gorka


What you need to do:

  1. Select one of the designers listed above, make sure you don’t double up with the other students in the group
  2. Write about the key points of their career in poster design (300+ words)
  3. Source min 6 images related to the post
  4. Acknowledge the sources of info at the end of the post
  5. Tick the Categories&Tags Category “Poster” before publishing
  6. Prepare a short (2-3 min) presentation about your post
  7. Note the post is due on the 8th of March 2017, presentation is due next session
  8. Post min two comments on this posts from min two students from your group (100+ words) 

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