Julian Pablo Manzelli (Chu) is a multifaceted artist who explores different media and formats. His style has developed through a process of constant experimentation, exploring concepts and modes of expression, and finding the street to be the perfect channel for his work. His early work featured character art created at enormous scales, which he used to fill the grey walls of Buenos Aires with vibrant colours throughout the late 90s. Today, his work has went on to explore abstract art and systems of geometric expression,characterized by intersections of form and colour, and the deconstruction of character art. Many of his works incorporate skills he has developed as an animator, whilst others, such as his multi-layered compositions using wood and automotive lacquer are more reminiscent of studio pieces. Going from the wildly expressive urban art, to the obsessive and precise studio works. Chu’s early influences come from skate culture, travel and an enduring interest in biology. He studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he continues to work as a Professor. After developing his technical skills he began to focus on his art and animation projects. His artistic philosophy is rooted in a belief of self reliance and the power of “Do It Yourself”, in addition to a constant drive towards experimentation and a belief in public action. Throughout his development as an artist he has been inspired by science, geometry and biochemistry. His role as an active member of the DOMA collective, a multidisciplinary and experimental art group has been another important factor which has shaped his career. Through DOMA Chu has had the opportunity to lead an art gallery, create experimental works of public art and installations. The collective also specializes in the creation of graphic universes, unique characters and toys. I think Chu’s expression combining both experimental and geometric expression to be a influence in forms of graffiti and graphic design


1 thought on “Chu”

  1. Chu’s 3D designs, created by different techniques (Painting with Spray Guns, Tool Work, Canvas painting, computer work and drawing, etc) interest me, I like a designer who experiments with more then one style. His use of layers, shapes and colours are always really thought out and his influence by Science, Math and Geometry go to great use. Chu makes really beautiful pieces that stand out and his animated/digital designs are so bright and colourful, it gives me a very fun and happy feel.


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