Sagmiester & Walsh

Sagmiester and Walsh is a design firm based in New York City. The firm was established by Steven Sagmiester and Jessica Walsh. Sagmiester is an Austrian graphic designer and director. He’s worked with people like Lou Reed, Talking Heads and The Rolling Stones. Walsh is an American multidisciplinary designer. She’s won various awards including Forbes magazine ’30 under 30 top creatives’.

Sagmiester and Walsh designed the logo for Otium, a contemporary restaurant based in LA. The logo is simple, recognisable and minimalistic. It is simply just an ‘O’ with a twist through it.

They also designed the logo for SWA a architectural, planning and urban design firm. Sagmiester and Ward have incorporated a variety of landscapes within the logo making it versatile and mirrors each expertise the company is about.

Sagmiester and walsh also created the logo for Fugue a cloud software management brand. The logo features the companies name made from mechanical objects to spell it out.

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1 thought on “Sagmiester & Walsh”

  1. I really like the flowing look of the lines in their work. I think this in combination with their wide use of technique makes their work look very unique & modern in comparison to the work of older more traditional designers. I think the ‘SWA’ work is very interesting as it creates the illusion of the lettering being 3D & looks like mountain ranges.


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