Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrera is an artist & a designer from Spain.  Her work consists mostly of sculptures, although she has also done sketches, designed stamps and postcards, and instillation art in shop front windows.

Her work is inspired by, and reflects the distance between humans and nature, our resistance to change that distance, as well as the changes constantly occurring in nature. She uses ordinary, every day objects to create her sculptures (paper, scissors, glue and paint).

Diana uses different colours of paper that match the colours of the bird she is sculpting. She makes the structure of the bird using cardboard strips. Then individually cuts out each feather, and cuts slits in them to create the texture. For the birds with more complex details on their feathers, she uses paint. To make the stamps she photographs the birds on their stand or surrounded by flowers.

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  • http://conference.pictoplasma.com/2014/diana-beltran-herrera/
    “Diana is a fine artist currently based in Bristol. She explores the chillingly disengaged relationship between humans and nature in modern society. Primarily working in paper she presents notions of temporality and change, emphasising the ongoing process of transformation in both nature and humankind.”

1 thought on “Diana Beltran Herrera”

  1. Great post Ella!! Diana’s work is both unique and fascinating. Her approach to her characters is really different and the techniques she uses really brings them to life. Although she uses the same types of materials and techniques, her attention to detail is amazing (she must be very patient 🙂 and she manages to create very different looks with each one. Good choice 🙂

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