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Graffiti artists choose to communicate in public places at the risk of offending and having their work removed. Obviously this is illegal and therefore branded as an act of vandalism, but if the work is skilful and easy on the eye is it such a crime? There are some ugly walls out there that definitely need a little bit of beauty. Unfortunately, not all graffiti is visually pleasing, there are some out there who are disrespectful and artistically challenged.

Tagging; when a child scribbles on your freshly painted wall you certainly don’t feel impressed by it, this is probably how most owners feel when their property has been marked. But without tagging would graffiti have ever eventuated, it is most likely the first step on the road of becoming a graffiti artist.

Tagging was the birth of Graffiti as we know it – REKA

Are graffiti artists- social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals?

View the film ‘Rash’, it is available at library you will need to use the super drive in bottom drawer of filing cabinet in the staff room.

Rash Trailer:

Read about Rash

What you need to do:

  1. Watch movie Rash
  2. Select one of the street artist from the movie or from the list below, make sure you don’t double up with the other students in the group
    • Jean-Michel Basquiat
    • Above
    • Vhils
    • Roa
    • Mentalgassi
    • Hyuro
    • SpY
    • Laguna
    • Banksy
    • Beastman
    • Ron English
    • Phibs
    • Ghost Patrol
    • Miso
    • Keith Haring
    • Shepard Fairey
    • Liqen
    • Swoon
    • Zilda
    • Know Hope
    • Slinkachu
    • Phlegm
    • Blu
    • Borelloi
  3. Post a response on the statementAre graffiti artists- social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals?

    using your own words (300+ words)

  4. Source min 6 images related to the post
  5. Acknowledge the sources of info at the end of the post
  6. Tick the Categories&Tags Category “Street Art” before publishing
  7. Prepare a short (2-3 min) presentation about your post
  8. Note the post is due on the 22nd of March 2017, presentation is due next session
  9. Post min two comments (100+ words) on this posts from min two students from your group

Sources of Information





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