Street artist Roa is a muralist from Belgium whose work has often been recorded and photographed. Very little is known about the artist and even less is documented.

At a very young age Roa wanted to be an archaeologist or something adventurous and use to collect little skulls from birds and rodents to draw at home. He grew up in the eighties and naturally was inspired by the American life; music, skating etc. The love for music, more in particular hip-hop, quickly joined his curiosity in graffiti. Like most muralists, he began by spraying throw-ups under bridges and walls. During his early years, Roa expressed an active, eclectic mix of styles.

Roa often combines life, death, and life after death in his murals, which makes him stand out amongst other traditional muralists. His animals are painted to include skeletons and internal organs, making the sight even more realistic.

Roa’s work has been turning heads across the street art community by bringing birds, rodents, and other animals back into the consciousness in the areas they once inhabited. Roa uses native animals based on the location he is painting in. For example, if he goes to a specific location filled with roosters, like Mexico, then he will paint a rooster. Not only does this make his work standout, but his attention to detail is phenomenal.

Although the street art is generally conveyed in a very natural matter, even his dead animal paintings seem at peace.

His preferred forms of methods to paint are by using spray paint or acrylic paint. In fact, most of his work is created through a mixture of black, white, and grayscale colours. At times, the muralist prefers to sketch, especially those large scaled murals. He first began his artistic career by painting buildings and warehouses in his hometown. Nowadays, his distinctive black and white style street art can be found worldwide in some major cities such as London, New York, Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Moscow, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Paris.

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1 thought on “ROA”

  1. I really like his intricate illustrative style. I think his work is very effective in communicating the downfall of certain animals due to humans as well as just bringing attention to the beauty of nature. The contrast of nature against man-made buildings strongly reflects this message. I find some of his works really beautiful whilst some are very confronting.


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