Saul Bass

Bass was responsible for some of the best remembered and most iconic logos in North America, including both the Bell Telephone logo and successful  AT&T globe. Other well-known designs, he would produce logos for a number of Japanese companies as well.

Selected logos by Saul Bass are more recognisable logos and are still used today such as Alcoa, Avery International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Celanese, Continental Airlines, Dixie, Frontier Airlines, Fuller Paints, Geffen Records, General Foods, Girl Scouts of the USA, Japan Energy Corporation, J. Paul Getty Trust, Kibun Foods, Kose Cosmetics, Lawry’s Foods, Minami Sports, Minolta, NCR Corporation,Quaker Oats, Rockwell International, Security Pacific Bank, United Airlines, United Way, US postage stamp (Science and Industry), Warner Communications, Wienerschnitzel, Wesson Oil, and the YWCA.

Bass has made other impacts in other industries as movie poster designs and movie texts. He is well known for incorporating elements in his typeface and his idealistic way of presentation. The simplified works in his logos as a freelancer changed how we see logos today and how logos are made. Bass’s impact in his logos were groundbreaking at the time and still is and because of that not many of his designs have had minor changes but still keep the original touches that made them iconic.


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