Are graffiti artists- social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals?

I think that all graffiti artists are in some way vandals since their work involves the unauthorized writing or drawing on a surface in a public place. I think there are some graffiti artists that only fall under the vandals category as they create their work purely with the intention to deface something. However I think graffiti artists that have the intention for their works to be artistically communicative can also be considered social commentators & propaganda artists.

One such artist is Hyuro, an Argentinian street artist who blends both politics & surrealist sensibility in her black & white murals, paintings & drawings. She usually depicts multiple women arranged in dreamlike compositions & takes inspiration from her own personal life experiences. She has built an impressive street-based collection of highly illustrative painted murals on walls across Western Europe, particularly in Spain.

She chooses to focus on women in her work to communicate how her work is intimate, as if she is almost using the wall as a mirror. Some of her works speak about the role of women during war periods how they cared for households, families & lands, a task largely silenced throughout history. Her works generally play out scenes that suggest a message or narrative but she leaves most of the interpretation up to the viewer.

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1 thought on “Hyuro”

  1. I think Hyuro is really cleaver with the way she creates her works. I feel like she has really strong messages behind her works and its really nice how they are exhibited in a large format in public places. I particularly like the works in the tunnel with the faceless women cleaning.


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