Paul Renner

Paul Renner

Paul Renner was born in Germany in 1878 he had a strict German upbringing being educated in a Gymnasium. This tough him to have a very good German séance of leadership, duty and responsibility. His up bringing brought him to dislike modern culture, such as jazz cinema and dancing but also led him to admire the functionalist strain in modernism, thus he was seen by others as a bridge between the old (19th century) and the new (20th century). This is reflected in his work making futura. Paul tried to fuse together the ancient Roman typeface Trajan with a new more modern typeface 20th Century Gothic with the end result being Futura that we see today.


Futura through the 20th century was one of the most popular typefaces of it’s time. Being used buy many successful companies for their logo’s most notably Ikea, Volkswagen and In all hand books, brochures and on the dials and screens used in all Mercedes Benz vehicles and Boeing aircraft.

Architype Renner

Architype Renner is Paul Renner’s second most successful typeface although nowhere near as common or successful as futura. It was a geometric sans-serif typeface designed to be a universal typeface/ alphabet having more them 2 ways to print certain letters such as A,G and I. This typeface was designed to be used by every language in the world allowing the sale of a type righters with the same characters to be sold universally.

Designed 7 Different typefaces in his life including. Architype Renner (1927), Future (1927), Future Black (1929), Future Light (1932), Renner Antiqua (1939), Ballade (1938) and Plak (1928). He attempted to fuse two already established typefaces being Gothic and the roman typeface when working on future.



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