Are graffiti artists- social commentators, propaganda artists or vandals?


Graffiti artists are I think are not only social commentators but also vandals. They are vandals because they do their art illegally in places and are given no permission to do so. This also gives them the unique ability to comment on social issues in places that can be publically viewed by large groups of people giving them the ability to influence the masses, this can be seen in the work of Zilda.

Zilda is a French based artist who has been spreading public art for more than 10 years in the streets of Rome, Lisbon, Naples and Belgrade. Although not much is known about his personal life he has said that his art represents his interpretation of myths, legends and fables. He uses ideas from the Greek tragedy, the Celtic legends, the Bible, the Latin mythology as well as other various ancient texts. He is also inspired by 50’s and 60’s Italian theater although he rarely speaks about this work. His art is formed by using both sketching and painting and is usually placed in public open places which allows him to have his work seen by large groups of people.

Zilda choose to put his work in public places because it allows his classic painting to be shown and contrasted to the modern city around and behind it, he spends hours searching form the right place so he can transforming the every day public space into “a realism infused with a dark and cruel romanticism, tinged with fantasy.” He believes that street art becomes a place where painting, scenography and photography can mix.

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