Matthieu Bessudo known as McBess is a French illustrator living in London, born in 1984.
McBess started drawing to cure his boredom from the 3D computer-based work he was doing at the time.

McBess first rose to fame following his involvement in Sigg Jones, a short 3D animated film he made in 2006 as part of his final project at multimedia school SupInfoCom in Arles.

Mcbess is one of the DOODS trio in Berlin. After Mcbess graduated, the trio was signed individually as directors by The Mill, an Oscar-winning VFX company based in London.

At that same time as being signed, Mcbess started a new series of drawings, described as the “New Mcbess”. With his illustration “My Desk”, he defined the new codes of his future illustrations: A mix of influences including old cartoons such as Betty book and Merrie Melodies , Mcbess updated the designs by using contemporary shapes, symbols, and types often in an isometric view. Mcbess’s drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references. Mcbess is also a musician in the band “The Dead Pirates.”

Over the years McBess has taken on many commercial jobs for brands and organizations like Converse, Jack Daniels and even Transport for London.

Mcbess works more with photoshop more often then pen and much prefers photoshop rather then illustrator as he thinks it develops smoother lines. McBess’ monochromatic style is what set him apart when first starting out. His contemporary shapes and mono black, white tones. His designs are always detailed with long-limbed characters,  warped wrists and ankles and a lot of attention to himself, females, food and booze.


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2 thoughts on “McBess”

  1. His monochromatic style with the way in which he draws people is very unique. He draws people with vertically stretched out, pupil-less eyes & sometimes animalistic noses & mouths which is something that I’ve never seen before. He has a very cartoon like style which is accentuated with how fluidly he draws limbs.


  2. I love his use of tone contrast and line on his characters the arms and limbs, he draws with the stretched out elongated organic shapes, something about the weirdness is really pleasing


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