Jonathan Zawada

The Australian born artist Jonathan Zawada is a talented graphic designer and artist who is in incredibly high demand around the world. Born in Perth but now living in Los Angeles for about a decade he has primarily worked in fashion and music as a web designer, illustrator, and art director but in recent years his practice has focused on personal and gallery based projects.

He is also a creative director who works in many different industries such as music, fashion, publishing and corporate industries. Jonathan is best known for his varied approach to the discipline of design, which is shown, throughout his personal and non-personal works. He has been well known for working with different types of media such as oil painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, Jonathan also regularly participates in galleries around the world. Jonathan doesn’t seem to stick to one particular genre when creating products, which gives his work a sense of originality that can’t be accomplished any other way.

Jonathan Zawada has also created album artwork for musicians including Fume, Tame Impala, and Mark Pritchard. Some of his most famous designs was for the flume album covers “skin”, “never be like you”, and “smoke and retribution” which he as used the concept of abstract flowers to create a powerful piece of art. In all three covers he implements gold into them giving them all a sense of rarity and prestige, he also uses contrast to bring out the centerpiece from the background

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1 thought on “Jonathan Zawada”

  1. I really like his natural illustrations within illustrations as well as his abstract flowers. I particularly like the cover he designed for Flume’s album Skin. The twisted shape of the flower & the soft pinks & purples are really eye catching. I think the added gold effect is really unique & unusual.


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