Geographic is an environmentally friendly studio that is located in Perth. Most of their works contain amazing digital and print visuals, graphics and design concepts that seem to set them a part from other organisations.

They have one simple rule: Great design doesn’t need to cost the earth.

The studio believes that by being environmentally friendly and sustainable is raises aspects of their business and enhances/compliments their brand image. Partially in the technology age we’re in, they try save you money while also promoting your business and be sustainable in the process.

Another goal of theirs is for their designs to inspire others to think about ways they can help of the environment and to get involved in simple projects. They not only to help their clients with their business, products or ideas but to also show people that anyone can be eco-friendly if they take the time.

Print and packaging design 

  • Print is on the decline but it still helps as a physical method of getting your brand out there to the people. They think of many inventive ways to minimise paper use wherever they possible can while also keeping the print design in great quality. The printers they use 100% post-consumer paper which can be finished off in a variety of ways. They also use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.


  • They believe branding should represent your idea, product or company. It should connect people with how they feel, think and say about it and eventually gain that connection through a series of positive engagements and experiences.

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