Music Graphics | Malcolm Garrett

Malcolm Garret is a British graphic designer born in Northwitch England in 1956, He’s worked for people like the Buzzcocks, Duran Duran, Simple Minds and Peter Gabriel. Garrett was one of the first designers to go completely digital in 1990.

His work was mainly graphic identity, exhibition design, television graphics and literature design.

He studied typography at Reading University from 1974-75 and graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1975-78.

In 1994 Garret paired up with Alasdair Scott to form AMXdigital which was later call AMXstudios an interactive media production company

First recognized with his design for Buzzcocks album ‘Orgasm Addict’ released in 1977 which featured a collage from Linder Sterling. The sleeve was originally in colour however the record company suggested that it should only use two tones so Garrett changed it to use yellow and a blue monotone.

Garrett also designed promotional material for the Buzzcocks which displayed the logo for the first time including the double z. Garret wanted to set the Buzzcocks aside from the punk look which he explained was becoming ‘cliche’ and locked in time.

Garret created his own design company, Assorted iMaGes in 1977 and worked as design director until 1994. The lettering on the front was hand drafted

He also designed record slips for Duran Duran’s first four albums Rio, Duran Duran, Seven and the ragged tiger and Arena.

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