Papercut – Canberra

Paper cut is a graphic design studio based in Canberra. The studio was born in 2007 by graphic designer Claire Connolly. The studio’s policy is to offer environmentally sustainable options for their clients and uphold their own commitment to sustainable design by making green choices within their business practice.


Papercut has created a scheme where their client’s work can be certified with a ‘paercut tick’ which is a logo that endorses their products to demonstrate that a sustainable approach has been considered in the design process.


Papercut have put in place the following procedures in order to reduce their environmental footprint:


  • No metallic inks, laminates or spot UV varnishes will be used, reducing harmful toxins.
  • Standard paper sizes will be used for all designs to minimize waste.
  • Recycled or FSC (forest stewardship council) paper will be used.
  • The lifecycle of the product will be considered plus to end use of the product could potentially be extended.
  • Vegetable based inks will be used rather then petroleum-based inks.
  • Water based varnishes will be used.
  • Rainwater tanks will supply water for water treatment processes.
  • Switched computer to plate technology will be implanted to eliminate ultra developer and finisher chemicals.
  • The website will be hosted y a provider who uses natural energy sources like solar or wind power or subscribes to sustainable business practices, optimizes serves for carbon neutral certification.


Along with these practices the studio also has their own in house practices:

  • Use green energy.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  • All appliances, heaters and computers are turned off at night.
  • Only light rooms are in use.
  • All computers, printers and copiers enter standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • They go ‘paperless’ as often as possible. We discourage hard copy mock-ups.


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