Sonja Meyer

Sonja Meyer is an Australian graphic designer. Her work includes the development of visual identities, as well as creative graphic designs for print, web and other digital products.

Sonja prefers to work with businesses and organisations who share her values in design for sustainability – But is happy to work with new customers, teaching them about eco design and sustainability. Sonja’s job is to help embrace the incredible potential of creative, sustainable design to help business’s and organisations excel in a digital, globalised world.

Sonja has an anthropology-driven approach, she prefers to work in different locations. This allows her to appreciate the way things can be done differently – with less harm and more thought for different people, societies, cultures, economies and environments around the world. This is how she does her design research.

Sonja believes in using the power of design to reconnect technology, humanity and our natural environment on a global scale. Holding a Graduate Diploma in Design (Design Anthropology), Shes been ‘trained’ to think boldly and ask questions of what it means to be human in a complex world. How can a design project facilitate and draw upon this ‘humanity’, rather than take it away?

Sonja follows the Eco/sustainable graphic design guidelines, it’s a form of graphic design that is focussed on a more holistic philosophy of design. Eco design emphasises creativity as the basis to inspire innovative solutions that are relevant within a world of commerce, but also embrace the basic tenets of sustainability, including:

  • Respect and care for the community
  • Improving quality of life for everyone, including the other 99%.
  • Conservation of Earth’s vitality and diversity
  • Minimising practices that deplete non-renewable resources
  • Changing personal attitudes about the impact of certain products and services through design


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  • Sonja works with her customers during briefing stages to identify the most important to the least important items of the project so these can be accommodated with eco preferences where possible.
  • She Considers the message of the project – is this project socially responsible? Are you advertising untruths? What is the best way to market your product or service with honesty and integrity?
  • She Intends to have the piece designed for extended use or reuse wherever possible. For example, a promotional flyer designed in December could include a yearly fridge calendar on the back to be used all year-round.
  • When designing for print, Sonja avoids page bleeds where possible. (Printing with bleed creates offcuts that need to go through a de-inking process during recycling.)
  • Sonja avoids creating design that uses a lot of ink coverage and she designs in black and white when possible.
  • Sonja Offers specialised sustainable/eco printing strategy to ensure all printed pieces are produced with minimal impact on the environment. Sonja uses a range of sustainable print suppliers and manages print jobs by finding the best price and solution for the customer depending on the print job.
  • Sonja considers using ‘low-ink’ fonts for large areas of body text.
  • Sonja considers the size of the project. Is it possible to reduce the amount of paper required to achieve the desired outcome, such as developing an A5 brochure instead of A4. Does the project have to be printed at all or are there other digital solutions?
  • She use only environmental printers for the printing of the design. Accredited printers have met targets for the reduction of their emissions.
  • She choose only FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and uses vegetable based, low-VOC inks.
  • She avoids adding metallic inks and coatings such as varnishes and laminates to printed items as these are difficult to de-ink and recycle, and many of these special finishes are made up of toxins that are harmful to the environment.
  • Sonja uses a local green web host for your website, Digital Pacific. (A green web hosts will host your website on a server in a low energy environment.)
  • Sonja makes sure, If a web page is likely to be printed, she ensures the design doesn’t have large areas of colour which will waste large amounts of ink during printing.

    Sonja’s website


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