Subgreen is a boutique, sustainable graphic design & print studio based in Melbourne that bridges the gap between the creative studio & the digital environment for distinctive sustainable design & printing with a handmade touch.

The studio applies environmentally friendly design principles by using less or more sustainable resources. This includes using less ink by carefully choosing colours, avoiding dark blues, dark purples & reds, as well as minimising areas of solid in & number of inks used. Also using less energy by running the studio on energy from green suppliers & using 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Using this paper also reduces carbon emissions as cutting down virgin forests accounts for 30% of global carbon emissions. The paper also produces 90% fewer greenhouse emissions than paper from virgin fibre.

They also use less water & producing less pollution by using only vegetable based inks which avoids the need for the toxic chemicals used to clean the printing press & the toxic sludge caused by petroleum inks during the recycling process.

The studio produces as little waste as possible. By using recycled paper they make use of products such as milk cartons that otherwise would go to landfill. They ensure that their products can also be recycled in turn by avoiding the use of metallic inks, foil stamping & laminates. Waste management systems are also in place to ensure that items produces in result of the printing process such as paper off-cuts, pallets, plastics, ink containers, cartridges, wipes etc are either recycled or reused.

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