Sustainability In The Graphic Design Industry

Su Blackwell reuses books to create art that reflects her feelings towards the world, and she does this through intricate cutwork to bring her 3D illustrations to life. This irreversible and destructive process is a way to show how fragile our life, dreams and ambitions. Besides the fact that she uses these books to further covey her message, she is using these methods in a sustainable way, which helps the problem of deforestation and waste in printing.

Su Blackwell is one many designers who reuse elements in a sustainable way, Natasha Kerr is a designer who reuses old photos from her family album to create her designs. Natasha combines her old photos with vintage fabrics and trims to create recycled textile art. Natasha Ker has created her own distinctive brand of recycled textile art, which has had a major influence in London, and even took over an entire Victorian townhouse in Battersea In 1998.

Susan Stockwell doesn’t tend to stick to one medium or style; her work can range from tiny intricate studies to huge elaborate installations. Susan’s work explores the issues of trade, history, ecology, and mapping. Susan uses source materials that may have started in domestic or industrial settings but that are now common for everyone such as maps and computer parts. These items are then recycled in her artworks.

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2 thoughts on “Sustainability In The Graphic Design Industry”

  1. I really love her works & I find the whimsical appearance really charming. I love the element of light that she added & the high level of detail in her work.


  2. wow, I absolutely love Su Blackwell 3D designs!
    It is such a great idea to use an everyday item that usually sits on a bookshelf collecting dust, and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.
    Great post Jordan.


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