nick knight

nick knight; born in 1958 is a British fashion photographer who is the founder as well as the director, of . he studies photography at Bournemouth & poole college of art and design. he graduated in 1982. he is known for pushing the boundaries with his photography, and during his times, has worked on a number of controversial themes which he has implemented into his works, like racism, agiesm, disability etc. philip_treacy_s10_053_v2_1100x0.1100x0.jpegimg_0862_v10-rgb_1100x0.1100x0.jpg



1 thought on “nick knight”

  1. I really like his use of props & special effects to create unusual & very eye catching shots. I like how in the last image the model’s dress looks like it turns into a cloud/smoke. I also like the use of contrast in the first image between the model, the background & the clothing.


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