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The incredibly shy Richard Burbridge is technically one of the top 5 fashion photographers on the market.   His ambitious photography explores the alchemical medium of photography.  Transforming his subjects — fashion, portraiture, beauty and still life photography — Burbridge subverts the expected.

Driven by an excitement to work for the American magazines he had started to work for when he was in London as well as the fact that the photographers he respected most were coming out of America, he moved there in 1993 and remains based in New York.

He has very opinionated criticisms of the way business is done in London and finds it nowhere near as professional as it is in America so he’s never had any desire to return to London.

While he works primarily in advertising and editorial photography, Richard Burbridge has a vision that’s distinctly his own, no matter who the client is.  He will only shoot someone he’s interested in and usually has his own opinion of them, so he’ll manipulate the shot into what he wants them to project.

Though he photographs models in luxurious couture, Burbridge throws traditional beauty conventions out the window.  He often alters the models’ faces and bodies with surreal props — bondage masks, baby doll heads, food, foam and anything that will give his subjects an otherworldly appearance.  Unafraid to violate the models’ pristine hair and clothing, Burbridge confronts viewers with the beauty within the ugliness (and vice versa) and creates images that challenge our expectations.

His inventive work has appeared on the covers and in fashion features in a range of internationally prestigious fashion magazines like Another Magazine, Self-Service, Italian Vogue, i-D, Dazed & Confused and V amongst others.  His still life and beauty photography, which can be seen in campaigns for MAC, Chaumet, Givenchy, Hermes and Louis Vuitton Eyewear is elegantly experimental and meticulous.

Burbridge’s portraits of the leading cultural figures of art, literature and entertainment also carry his distinct photographic style.  His advertising clients include Tom Ford, Chanel and Cartier.


1 thought on “RICHARD BURBRIDGE”

  1. I really like the highly detailed makeup &/or special effects he used on the model with the fish like appearance. Her appearance is very eye catching & supernatural. I also like the vibrant tropical colours of the photos of the girls surrounded by plants. His photographic style is very unusual & diverse.


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