Robyn Beeche

Robyn Beeche is an Australian Photographer who through imaginative make up and lighting, many of her subjects get twisted and fragmented into amazing sculptures that seem to defy reality and appear as optical illusions. In London in the 80’s she was drawn to people of the art, music and fashion world. This included fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, Australian performance artist Leigh Bowery and singer and club figure Steve Strange. In many of her artworks, many of them look like they have been painted but is in fact photographed. Each artwork she creates takes hours to complete and to get just right. By using makeup and body paints, she’s able to create artworks that contain intricate details especially to the shadowing. Due to this, her artworks give off an amazing optical illusion effect.

It wasn’t until her collaboration with Zandra Rhodes that led Beeche not only to India but also helped in finding a new sense of purpose and a new life. After making many trips back and forth she officially set down in 1992 after constantly finding more and more encouragement, especially after seeing Aditi, a festival of Indian culture. Later on in her life she soon got a documentary film made about herself although she loved allowing the spotlight to fall on her human canvases, she soon got to a point where she felt that someone could make a film about her and pull it together in a way to show her intentions and ideas.

Despite all this though, her main love for fashion has always centred around the fascination of the process, with her mother being a accomplished dressmaker. Not only did this this encourage her in finding her interests but also helped in showing off fashion in odd and unique ways.

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