Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a Sydney bassed Illustrator. Ben has created posters for high profile musicians such as Nirvana, Silverchair and Fat Boy Slim to drawing Stab magazine’s regular cartoon, Ben Brown has a genuine and varied love for the illustrated form. The Sydney-based illustrator has been on the art scene for over twenty years, drawing from his enthusiasm for surfing, skate culture and music to get involved in projects which he’s passionate about.

He’s been responsible for the visual identities for popular local festival such as Falls Festival, Big Day Out and Good Vibrations, has illustratred two children’s books and has been involved in merchandise design for surf brands Rip Curl, Hot Buttered and others. Somehow he also finds time to feature his illustrations in international magazines such as Rolling Stone, Juice, Waves, Mad and other publications. Whew!

‘’I have always enjoyed drawing and doodling since I was young – so it was kind of a natural progression. In my adolescent years I hung around a lot of noisy bands and stinky pubs and I soon found myself doing posters, flyers and record covers for all manner of bands, promoters and record companies. An interest in surfing and skateboarding similarly lead to work with surf and skate companies and magazines.’’ Ben Brown. I am inspired by the ways Ben uses bright vibrant colours to contrast his very detailed line work.

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