John Pashe

John Pashe is an English designer, he completed a bachelor in arts and graphic design at the Brighton colledge of art between 1963 and 1967.  John is most well known for creating one of the first logos of rock band marketing in 1969, The logo was created for the Rolling Stones. The simple impacting logo illustrates a mouth and a tongue.

The logo was then reproduced for the sticky fingers album in 2008. Johns design was voted the best band logo of all time on an online poll. John continued to work with the rolling stones for four years, he design many of the rolling stones posters and banners.

“John Pasche designed four tour posters for the Rolling Stones between 1970 and 1974 and also worked for other reputed artists, such as Paul McCartney, The Who, The Stranglers and Dr Feelgood. He works as a freelance designer in Surrey, UK, and he still remains a fan of the band, as he says “I have fond memories of a good working relationship with them. The logo is one of the strongest and most recognizable worldwide. And of course I’m proud of that.”

Pasche has done considerable design work. Among these he has designed album and single sleeves, as well as concert posters for The Stranglers; The Raven (1979), The Stranglers IV (1979), La Folie (1981), Live (X Cert) (1979), “Duchess” (1979) and “Peaches” (1979). He created the single disc picture for Fischer-Z’s “The Worker” (1979) and the album cover for Going Deaf For A Living (1980). He made the album cover for The Vapors 1980 album New Clear Days, as well as a 1979 Dr. Feelgood single.

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1 thought on “John Pashe”

  1. I really like the designer’s use of solid colour to illustrate the highlights & shadows & how they used it to avoid clashing the red of the tongue & lips. They managed to create one of the most iconic music logos of all time with their use of simple design & minimal colours.


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