Effective Sustainability in graphic design is becoming easier ti achieve with a more and more online world. now days most companies rely heavely on there online presance as different to their real world presance such as bill bords flyers and magazine adverts, altho there is still a time and place for these things the more forward thinking companies have inveted a lot to move away from these more traditional methods. This forward thinking has allowed graphic designers to become more environmentaly minded with out having to change the way they do things but there are still ways to improve. for example,

when printing enure you use recycled paper that has been made without any chemicales such as clorine and acid. these chemicals can leach into the paper and then be released into the environment when the paper gets wet or while it is breaking down in land fill.

Use thinner paper. By using thinner paper you will reduce the ammount of waste produced by your company there for making it more stainable, it is also a good idea to keep scrap paper for test copies or innitial print outs instead of using fresh paper every time you print.


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