geographik is an environmentally responsible graphic design studio in perth. that create digital and print visuals, graphics and designs. to be sustainable they start with simple solutions to make any difference they can, through difference methods such as sustainable use of paper, vegetable based inks in their stationary, brouchures, annual reports and self promotional materials, or by making packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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Fred Tomaselli

fred tomaselli born in Santa Monica in 1956, is a contemporary American artist, best known for his collage pieces using unusual tools and materials to make abstract environments. he uses resin-coated paintings on wood panel with layers photo cuts put into spiral shapes, often beside drugs and such.  the end results being hectic imagery influenced by freds own existence such as events like the AIDS crisis. he is very well known, and his works have been shown in the 2004 Whitney Biennial and exhibitions at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, and White Cube in London. He now lives in new york.

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Francis Lymburner

Francis Lymburn born in brisbane in 1916 and died in 1972 was an artist born in Queensland. he was educated at Brisbane Grammar School and at Brisbane Technical College where he learnt art through F. martyn Roberts. he moved to Sydney later on in his life and often visited taronga zoo and drew the animals there. his paintings never really sold well, but he was did well in pushing contemporary art in Sydney.

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Henry Steiner

henry steiner is a graphic designer who excels at logo designs, born in 1934, in Vienna austria, he has created logo designs for big brands such as Hilton hotels, Dow jones and IBM. at one point he was even commissioned to create his cities bank notes in 1975 by the hong kong government.

Witkor Gorka

witkor gorka is a graphic designer and poster designer born on the 30th of November, 1922 an komorowice. in 1952 gorka finished his education and got a degree in graphic design, from  the academy of fine arts in krakow.


during the 50’s and 80’s wiktor gorka worked alongside the largest polish publishers, he designes posters, magazine/book covers, logos and prints, etc.  gorka created posters for many different films, some including how far, space odyssey, twilight of the gods etc. his works are usually pretty surreal and bizarre, and in most cases quite simplistic. minute colours are used. Wiktor Górka, plakat "Kabaret", 1973, fot. materiały prasowe

nick knight

nick knight; born in 1958 is a British fashion photographer who is the founder as well as the director, of . he studies photography at Bournemouth & poole college of art and design. he graduated in 1982. he is known for pushing the boundaries with his photography, and during his times, has worked on a number of controversial themes which he has implemented into his works, like racism, agiesm, disability etc. philip_treacy_s10_053_v2_1100x0.1100x0.jpegimg_0862_v10-rgb_1100x0.1100x0.jpg


alphonse mucha

Alphonse Mucha; born in 24 July 1860 in the town of Ivančice Moraviawas a Art Nouveau illustrator who is well known due to his unique style.. he has produced many artworks, illustratins, advertisements, postcards, and designs. His singing abilities kept him in the high school of Moravian capital of Brünn (now known as Brno), even though his true passion was art.



his works are interesting because they mix classicalism with a somewhat contemporary touch, his works are very easily distinguishable as his own due to his apparent style.