Ken Cato

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An Australian designer with an international reputation, Dr Ken Cato (AO) is one of the most prominent and accomplished Australian graphic designers and his influence is everywhere.    His prolific work encompasses all facets of brand management and design and he has designed thousands of corporate identities.

Cato’s design philosophy is rooted in the concepts of functional design and minimalism.   His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic, providing the synergistic solutions that produce positive results.

He relishes connections.   The giant figures he designed for Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre speak to the building’s architecture and the sports it hosts.   The yellow-and-black Commonwealth Bank symbol references the Southern Cross.   The pointed ellipses of the SBS trademark are a literal translation of opening up the globe.   Cato Purnell’s themed redesign of Qantas aircraft interiors echoed elements of the landscape over which the jets fly.

When people ask Ken ‘Do you use computers for design’?, he says, ‘No, I use my brain, it’s much faster’.   ‘Most designers are guilty of looking for solutions inside the computer box but I think the idea is absolutely king,’ he says.  ‘I feed my brain and take inspiration from films, books, poetry, music, whatever …   When I tackle projects, the battle is not the creative thing; the battle is to keep the mind open until you fully understand the exercise.  

A lot of designers hear the brief and make very quick assumptions.   I think the longer you can hold that open, the more chance outside influences and experiences will come into play.’


Henry Steiner

henry steiner is a graphic designer who excels at logo designs, born in 1934, in Vienna austria, he has created logo designs for big brands such as Hilton hotels, Dow jones and IBM. at one point he was even commissioned to create his cities bank notes in 1975 by the hong kong government.


Pentagram is a design firm. It was founded in 1972, by Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange and Mervyn Kurlansky at Needham Road, Notting Hill, London.  The company has offices located at London, New York City, San Francisco, Austin and Berlin.

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is currently owned and run by 21 partners a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual fields. They design architecture and interiors, books, branding and identities, digital installations, exhibitions, films, products, posters, and websites from offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Austin.

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Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our partners. This reflects our conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, which is demonstrated by a portfolio of work that spans five decades.

For me their work stands out for its simplicity and their ability to create an instantly recognizable identity for their clients. The Pentagram team has collaborated closely with the MasterCard, DC Entertainment, Eurosport, 20th Century Fox and even the design for the Harry Potter spin off Fantastic beasts and where to find them and Saturday Night Live’s 40th Season opening.

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Saul Bass

Bass was responsible for some of the best remembered and most iconic logos in North America, including both the Bell Telephone logo and successful  AT&T globe. Other well-known designs, he would produce logos for a number of Japanese companies as well.

Selected logos by Saul Bass are more recognisable logos and are still used today such as Alcoa, Avery International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Celanese, Continental Airlines, Dixie, Frontier Airlines, Fuller Paints, Geffen Records, General Foods, Girl Scouts of the USA, Japan Energy Corporation, J. Paul Getty Trust, Kibun Foods, Kose Cosmetics, Lawry’s Foods, Minami Sports, Minolta, NCR Corporation,Quaker Oats, Rockwell International, Security Pacific Bank, United Airlines, United Way, US postage stamp (Science and Industry), Warner Communications, Wienerschnitzel, Wesson Oil, and the YWCA.

Bass has made other impacts in other industries as movie poster designs and movie texts. He is well known for incorporating elements in his typeface and his idealistic way of presentation. The simplified works in his logos as a freelancer changed how we see logos today and how logos are made. Bass’s impact in his logos were groundbreaking at the time and still is and because of that not many of his designs have had minor changes but still keep the original touches that made them iconic.

Lindon Leader

Lindon has over a Thirty-year career in Logo design and Corporate identity,
Since 2001, Lindon has built a successful design company, Leader Creative, in Park City, Utah where he continues to serve the branding needs of clients around the world. Previously, Lindon served as executive creative director for Addison and senior design director for Landor Associates. After receiving degrees in Political Science from Stanford University and Advertising Design from the Art Center College of Design,

Lindon began his career at Bass/Yager Associates, Los Angeles and served as Design Coordinator for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee. At Landor Associates (San Francisco), Lindon was responsible for broad ranging branding programs that included, among others, CIGNA, Dun & Bradstreet, Technicolor, Federal Express, Ryder Systems, DoubleTree Hotels, the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games and Brazil’s Banco Bradesco S.A., the largest private bank in Latin America.

He uses a range of colours from the colour wheel including Split Complementary, mono chromatic(Great salt lake nature centre), complementary(USA) and analogous and minimal use of black239968


Since their beginning in 1972, Pentagram has grown to be the worlds largest design company. Through their offices in New York City, Berlin, London, San Francisco and Austin, they design logos, websites, posters, books and magazines, identities, product packaging, instillation’s, architecture, signs, the list goes on.

It’s clear when you look at their website that their designs are very modern. Their work is extremely diverse; redesigning/designing anything to be simple, yet effective with their use of colours, typography, images, shapes and layouts. Each design is a collaboration by 2 or more designers, focused on simplifying, minimizing and standing out!


Two well known organisations they have worked for are Windows; created a new identity for the windows 8 operating system. And MasterCard; redesigned their logo.

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Tom Geismar

Tom Geismar is well known graphic designer who attended the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. He received his master’s degree in graphic design from Yale University, school of art and architecture.

Tom Geismar is known for his designs in Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, Best Products, Gemini Consulting, PBS, Univision, Rockefeller Center and Mobil Oil. He is also a founding partner of ‘Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv’ a leading graphic design firm in the fields of corporate identity, brand development and logo design.

His projects include major tourist attractions as the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, the Statue of liberty Museum and many more. He has received all the major awards in the field, including one of the first Presidential Design Awards for helping to establish a national system of standardized transportation symbols.